Spring/Autumn activities

From the Chalet

Spring is a wonderful season in Les Saisies, savages flowers appear everywhere. You will find around the chalet:  

St. John's Wort, Valerian, Arnica, Stinging Nettle, Achilles, Yarrow Millefeuille, Alchemille, Bon Henopode, Ash, Ashberry, Wild Orchid, Dandelion ..

Autumn bring a beautiful light and blazing colours and the first snow as well :-) 


Many hiking and biking are possible to do like in winter and summer. 

Around the chalet

You could visit le Beaufort cheese museum which is made in Les Saisies. 

Beaufort and Villard-sur-Doron retails are open throughout the year.

The treetop adventure park is also open throughout the year.