Old farmhouse dated from 1779

The eco-renovation project was conducted by:

  • ·         Mr Stéphane Marteau architect “Espace Gaïa”
  • ·         Mrs Véronique Lemaire, decorator.

The first sketches are dated from May 2013, the works began in Mars 2014 and the first clients were welcomed in June 2015.


The works were realized with companies that were able to cope with the place, the farm structure, the use of natural materials and the possible recycling : 

·         Quay’s Company for demolition, earthwork and shell structure


·         Charpente de la Belle Etoile for the framework and isolation


·         PM menuiserie for the outdoor carpentry


·         Au copeau Savoyard and HR ébenisterie  for the indoor carpentry and parquets


·         CBR for the tiling


·         Amara for the paintwork


·         Paradis en fer for the locksmithing


·         Cheminées des 2 Savoie for the chimney


·         Cisepz for plumbing


·         Guimelec for electricity



-           Renovation with natural and recycled materials

o   natural wood and stone,

o   lime and clay paint,

o   wood, old heater and furniture recovery,

o   Custom-made furniture creation with local materials


-           Energetic resources’ optimisation  

o   wood boiler

o   wood wool isolation

o   water savers


o   earth recovery for modulation, theatre of greenery. 

Before renovation

During renovation