Sensory Experiences

5 senses in the heart of Chalet Nantailly 

During the renovation, we gave extra caution in spotlighting the 5 senses triggers to make your stay a real sensory experience.

What a pleasure to hear the cow’s ring!

What a pleasure to touch different materials inside the chalet: linen, velvet, wool, wood!

What a pleasure to sit on a shape memory carpet!

What a pleasure to taste mountain flower infusion!


And overall, what a pleasure to admire the Mont Blanc panorama!


A chalet between the 4 elements! 

The earth on which the chalet is built over that nurtured the wood necessary for its construction,

The water that you can enjoy in the Nordic Spa with view on the mountains,

Pure air and altitude lightness that makes you feel as bird seeing from far up in the air,


The fire which crackles in the chimney during a convivial moment.