Mountains that you can see from the chalet ! 

Sunrise on the east side 

Once we arrive at “Chalet Nantailly”, you get a marvellous view of the Mont Blanc on the east. This view is possible to see from the bedrooms “snow” and “free air” but also from the kitchen and the Nordic Spa.


When looking on the right you can see the “Montagne d’Outray”, much closer and smaller.


Still more on the right you’re face to the south. You can appreciate this view from the bedrooms “free air”, “summit”, “alpine”, “farm” and “slope” but also from the kitchen and the dining room.

You can also see the village called “Beaufort” and the mountains that surround it. 

Sunset on the west side

Even more on the right the panorama ends with the mountains where the sun sets behind. The perfect place to see it? The bedrooms “farm” and “slope”. 

Ready to find summits ?

If you want to go further in the discovery, we advise you to download the app called “PeakFinder”